Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fast Food Nation


  1. My husband, teenager at the time and worked at Pizza Hut, spilled a bucket of pepperoni by accident onto the floor. Asking his manager of what to do, he obediently placed it all back into the bucket and served them all evening for all the pizza orders. EEW,EEW,EEW! I'm guilty, I still eat out trying to order on the healthier side.....but I still get disgusted knowing that "strangers" are touching my food. I haven't died yet, but it could be a earlier process.


  2. Ew, Vina!! I have to admit, when I was in high school and worked at a fast food chain, I can recall witnessing many, many instances where there was gross mishandling of food that eventually someone else paid for and ate.
    I think that STILL goes on, without a doubt.

    Watch the movie, you might just decide to stop eating at those fast food establishments!
    I'm certain these things happen at any restaurant as well, but why do I suspect that fast food establishments might have a higher incidence of these things?? Maybe I'm wrong. Too bad we can't go undercover - heh heh.