Tuesday, March 2, 2010

By the Numbers - A Daily Prescription

Robb Wolf's basics:
Figure out your daily caloric requirement (formula below), get your daily calories, evenly spaced out throughout the day, from lean protein source (formula below) + carbohydrates in the form of veggies and some fruit (formula below) and the rest of calories to be filled in with healthy fats. Remember, it's not just relying on numbers, the quality of food is much, much more important!

It doesn't get any easier than that.

15-17 cal/lb of bodyweight - Lose bodyfat
18-19 cal/lb of bodyweight - Maintain
20-21 cal/lb of bodyweight - Gain Mass

1 gram/lb of bodyweight

100-150 grams - Maintanence Range
50-100 grams - Weight Loss Range
0-50 grams - Ketosis and accelerated Fat Burning


  1. Thanks! These informations were exactly what I was searching for. For me, switching to paleo ways automatically put me in the weight loss range. I'm actually eating a lot more.
    Eat more (paleo style) = Lose weight! It's a good calculation that works for me. :P


  2. Vina -
    I agree. Follow the paleo recommendations and, for most people, that alone will be the magic bullet.

  3. This helps so much!! Im just confused on the calories?? you times your weight by 15-17 to find how many calories you should be consuming?

  4. Hello. I am new to your blog and love the information. Question about the numbers though. I am a 175 lb male who wants to gain weight. I crunched the numbers as follows: 20 cals X 175 for total calories (3,500), 175 grams of protein (700 cals), and 150 grams carbs (600 cals). PRO + CHO = 1,300 calories. That leaves 2,200 calories to come from healthy fats. This formula puts my macro nutrient ratio at 20 % Protein, 17% Cho, and 63% Fat. My question is what of the 30/30/40 ratio that CrossFit and the Zone suggest? Thanks. Tim Gagne

  5. Tim -

    Crossfit and Zone recommendations are and have always been merely a ration that; even Barry Sears has admitted to, sits at the top of the bell curve. It's a good place to start, but it is so generalized that it will not and can not work for everybody.

    All of us have different body profiles, different physical and athletic goals and using a generalized ratio will not bring everyone desired results.

    As Robb Wolf has always said - and I agree wholeheartedly - there is no magic ratio!

    Begin with a ratio and, if you have complete success, then stick with it, but if you're looking at attaining different results from what that ratio is giving you, it's time to tinker and to find what works for YOU.

    When I began the Zone, it produced decent results, but there were also such significant deficits, I knew I had to find something else that worked for me. Starting Paleo was exactly what my body and performance goals required - and even then, it took some tinkering.

    Hope that helps.