Monday, July 27, 2009

Junk Food At The Ready

by Nell Stephenson

Have you ever felt bothered by the fact that it's extremely simple to get any type of junk food anywhere, yet it can be quite challenging to find healthy options? While we can make it work by preparing and bringing our own food, wouldn't it be ideal if we could simply walk into any local shop and choose the steamed veggies we want with grilled salmon!
Sound like I'm living in fantasyland? Maybe so, but if we all take small steps to lead by example, and encourage those around us to gear toward healthier eating options, change is bound to begin.
Speak with the board of your kids' school about replacing some of the poorer nutritional choices with better options. Some schools include teaching kids to garden and grow their own produce, which they later eat as part of the curriculum.
Arrange a meeting with the manager of your local health club, and ask them to offer fresh, whole fruit for sale, rather that some of the 'energy bars' they sell, many of which are worse than candy bars due to the amount of artificial ingredients in them!
Invite parents of your kids' friends over for a Paleo potluck with their kids. Serve foods that your kids enjoy so other parents see there are options beyond boxed macaroni and cheese with cartoon characters on the cover designed to entice kids to want them. I can't tell you how many times I've had clients say that they buy those items for their kids because they honestly feel they are healthy options, and require little preparation time!
Bring fresh fruit to your office as an offering for business colleagues, rather than doughnuts or coffee. Offer to arrange the next company luncheon so that YOU can be in charge of what will be served, and it can be foods OTHER than sandwiches in thick white bread followed by cookies!

The ideas will keep coming once you get started.
I realize we're not going to awaken tomorrow and see the local gas-mart serving kale, but one little step at a time can lead to huge gains, so let's get on it!

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