Sunday, June 28, 2009


Summer is here and sometimes cooking a meal is simply not appealing during the hot days. A smoothie is a perfect way to get some decent nutrition and, even more convenient, you can take it on the go for any meal or snack!
Beware, however, of the smoothies you purchase at either a juice shop or in a can are not nutritionally sound and have an excess of sugar. What about the ones that are "low in sugar" or "light" you might ask? They may be lower in sugar compared to their regular sugar-laden smoothies, but still very high in sugar and not a good option, especially if you are watching glucose levels.
The best way to avoid this nutrional blunder is by opting to make your own smoothie at home. This allows you to control what you put into the smoothie (macronutrients!)

Here's a sample of what would be considered Paleo smoothie:

8 oz. brewed tea
1 T raw almond butter
1 T ground flax seed
1 scoop plain egg white protein powder
FRUIT! (you can use any combination - frozen berries, peaches, etc.)

Mix together and enjoy!

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