Monday, October 31, 2011



Pick at least 1 and no more than 3 foods/beverage that is contributing to the decline of your health. These will be avoided for the first 21 days of November – completely. This will be a food/beverage that you know should be eliminated, but you justify/rationalize keeping.


Because health is much more than just the food we eat or don’t eat:  
Pick at least one and no more than 3 activities/habits that are contributing to the decline of your health. These could be things you need to eliminate OR ADD to your life. For example; not getting enough sleep due to lack of effort (ADD sleep to your weekly routine)…texting while driving (ELIMINATE during the Challenge!)….not showing up for running/rowing wods because you hate or are not good at running/rowing (ADD running/rowing at least 2x per week)…not spending enough time with family/eating dinner together due to work/TV/computer (do you really need this reminder??). These are just a few examples, they key in Part II is not only about eliminating the bad stuff, but also incorporating the good stuff – the kind of stuff that can enrich our life.


Nutrition – We all know this is the foundation of everything we do. Get your nutrition dialed-in and everything else will improve (well, most everything). Not eating enough nutrient dense foods or eating too many unhealthy foods is problematic and you KNOW it - stop making excuses.

Sleep- This one is more important than you think. You should make this a priority in your life or you will have chronic health problems f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Recovery- Whether your recovery comes in the form of a quiet walk with your dog/child/spouse, yoga, foam rolling, massage or taking an extra day off; if it’s not a part of your routine, your quality of health will suffer eventually.

You will have the best success by teaming up with one or more people.  Get your local affiliate/gym involved so you have the support of a community.  Keep a check on eachother, write down your goals and exchange the list with teammate(s) so he/she/they can help you stay on task.  This is about encouraging one another, not competing against one another!

Remember the previous post?  You want to avoid becoming part of the Season of Sugar statistics during the holidays!  If you just stumbled across this blog, start anytime....just START. Now.

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