Monday, September 26, 2011

Saba Strawberries and "Cream"

Nothing is as refreshing as a berry dessert.  This one can be made with any berry, but my favorite are  strawberries.  The secret ingredient, and one that is key to this delectable dessert, is a product called Saba Mitica.  Before there was balsamic vinegar, there was Saba.  Saba is a grape must reduction, made by cooking grapes and reducing them down to 50%.  In the ancient times, Saba was used as a sweetener.  These days, Saba is completely versatile and used for salad dressings or even marinades for roasts.  However, this one deserves to be used for something tastier - dessert!

Coconut milk
Saba (grape must reduction)**
Chopped almonds, walnuts, pecans or other nut (optional)

Rinse and slice strawberries; place in individual sized bowls.  Pour desired coconut milk over strawberries, drizzle with some Saba and sprinkle with some cinnamon and nuts.

**You can purchase Saba Mitica at Caputo's Deli in Salt Lake.

photo courtesy of jensgonepaleo


  1. Looks wonderful! What brand of coconut milk do you buy?

  2. Trixie -
    I order Native Forest brand of coconut milk since the other brands of coconut milk contain BPA's. I get them online, but I think Whole Foods might carry the brand. I am trying to get Harmon's to carry the brand as well.