Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kale, Bacon Omelet

Kale and bacon are a great combination in an omelet.  I prefer using kale over spinach because of the texture - crunchy over soggy - and when paired with the saltiness of bacon, the flavors are delicious. This recipe serves one - double, triple or quadruple as needed!

a handful of kale leaves, cleaned and cut into small pieces
3 strips of pasture raised, uncured bacon
2 eggs (free range and at room temperature is ideal)
salt and pepper
avocado (optional)
salsa (optional)

Cook bacon, reserving the fat. Once the bacon is cooked and grease is patted off of the meat, crunch bacon into bits. Allow skillet to come back down a little in temperature.
Add kale to bacon fat in skillet (if your bacon comes from a free range pig, your fat source is great), and cook until just tender. you don’t want to over cook this. I also place a lid over kale while cooking - this helps to get it tender without burning.  Wait to add salt until kale is finished cooking or it will release too much water.
While kale cooks, beat the eggs and pepper in a small bowl.  Heat up large cast iron skillet with a little bacon grease spread on all cooking surfaces of skillet (yep, bacon grease from free range pigs - A-ok).  Once skillet is hot, but not smoking, add egg and tilt to coat pan with egg.  Allow to cook until center is just cooked and edges are crisped up a little. now is the time to sprinkle with salt if you prefer.  Loosen edges, add kale and half the bacon. Top with avocado slices, remainder of bacon and salsa. 

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