Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grilled Fruit

My favorite part of summer: 
Less time in the kitchen!
No, I'm not saying I stop cooking - on the contrary.  Cooking and eating moves to the outdoors!
  You can do so much on the grill with minimun ingredients.  One of our favorites?
Grilled fruit.  Dessert never tasted so good. 
Use your favorite fruit - we especially like pineapple and peaches.  If you aren't lucky enough to belong to a CSA, your missing out on some delicious seasonal fruit.  However, you're in luck....
Visit your local farmers market (they are everywhere now!) and peruse the abundance of produce.
Preheat grill
Cut up desired fruit into thick slices.
Grill for 1-2 minutes on each side, depending on fruit
Here's an awesome topping that is tasty with any grilled fruit, but works well with fresh fruit (berries!) as well:
6-8oz coconut milk (full fat, folks!)
1/4 tsp pure vanilla
pinch of cinnamon
Mix together and pour over fruit - easy and delicious. 


  1. I never even considered this. Mmmmmm! Can,t wait to try!

  2. Oh Julee! You will LOVE it - SO delicious!!