Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Week - Family Of Five

This is a typical grocery list for one week that will feed a family of five.  I belong to a CSA, so many of the veggies and fruits I usually have are not pictured here. The one thing I LOVE about the CSA, is that I get veggies that I would not normally purchase and end up enjoying.  What do you do with a bunch of radishes besides the typical, boring addition to a salad?  Stay tuned to the next blog post.....you'll see!

Many of the these groceries will yield leftovers for breakfast and/or lunches, which I always plan into each week.

I spent $120.76 @ Smith's Marketplace and used coupons that I get in the mail frequently.  If you have brain-fog from too many processed foods in your diet, let me do the math for you...
that's $17.25/day for 5 people (minus lunch for one person each day).  That cost fluctuates, of course, depending on what I make, some times a bit more and some times a bit less.

Click here for an interesting perspective into weekly groceries around the world.

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