Thursday, September 16, 2010

Canyon Meadows Ranch Grass Fed Beef

It used to be difficult to find grass fed products. Within the last year, however, grass fed beef seems to be easier to purchase. With the help of farmer's markets and increasing demand for quality food, the folks that have been providing grass fed products for decades, are beginning to see a surge in interest and orders.
Another one of those ranches is Canyon Meadows Ranch (CMR), located near the southern slope of the Uintah Mountains.
CMR will be here this week at the Sugarhouse Farmer's Market (Friday 3 to dusk), Downtown Farmer's Market (Saturday 8 to 1) and the Holladay Harvest Festival (Saturday 4 to 8) we will be having a 20% off special on Rump Roast. This is a good slow cooker roast and can be used for shredded beef dishes as well.
*Special available while supplies last. They try to do their best to have the special available through the end of the market, but sometimes they do sell out quickly. Come early for best selection.
This Saturday the 18th is the last day of the Holladay Harvest Festival (in front of City Hall 4 to 8pm). Come out to enjoy a nice evening with live music, great food and great vendors!
Here's a link to their price list:


  1. Thanks for the post. I hear grass fed beef tastes way better!

  2. It depends where you get your grassfed beef. If purchased from the right place, it tastes amazing!

  3. Do you know if the beef is 100% grass fed? I hear some places are grass fed but finish with grains to fatten them up just before slaughter.