Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Egg Feeds Twelve People?

Recently, we were given an ostrich egg that was purchased from a local Ostrich Farm just outside of Zion National Park. We were told that the egg weighs about as much as 24 chicken eggs or about 2lbs! We also learned that just one ostrich egg is equivalent to 24 chicken eggs in volume and that it would, indeed, feed 12 people.

We were excited to break into the egg, but then realized there was no way we could crack an ostrich egg using the same method as a chicken egg. For starters, it is heavy and the eggshell is so thick, it can be sculpted and carved (see below)!

After some quick research, we decided a small hammer would do the trick. It took several hits just to make the first crack!

Once we made the first crack, a few more hits and pulling pieces of shell away revealed the first signs of yolk. We were really curious whether an ostrich egg had a distinct egg yolk and egg white like a chicken egg or if the appearance would be different.

That answered our question! Now, time to pour into a bowl...

And just how much did one egg yield?

Just shy of 5 cups! I was able to make this family of 5; 3 different meals from this 1 egg!

Next post....
One of those meals.


  1. I drove past that farm a few weeks ago with my kids on our way to Zion. I wish I would've known I could buy an egg. My kids loved seeing an ostrich. They would have loved an egg even more!

    Can't wait for the recipes...

  2. Holly Egg Batman. I'd hate to buy a dozen of those bad boys.