Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grilled Shrimp w/ Curry Cauliflower Rice

This meal is super easy and, best of all, FAST! Serve this alongside some cauliflower "rice" and you have a delicious meal. I double this recipe so that I will have leftovers for breakfasts and lunches. For the cauliflower recipe, do a search on this blog for "Cauliflower Rice" and scroll down on that page until you reach the recipe (there should be a video loaded).

1/4 olive oil
3+ garlic cloves minced
2 T fresh lemon juice
1/8 t smoked paprika
dash of cayenne (optional)
2.5 lb shrimp (peeled with tail left on)
lime wedges
Fire up the grill! Mix olive oil, spices and lemon juice. Dump shrimp in large bowl and pour mixture over shrimp - stir gently until shrimp is covered.
You can either skewer the shrimp and place on grill or do it the easy way, like I did and dump all the shrimp on a grill pan and set directly on top of grill. Grill 3-4 minutes per side or until no longer pink. Garnish with lime wedges.


  1. Maria,
    Where would I find the recipe for Curry Cauliflower Rice. This is everything I like. Can't wait to try it. Thanks, Carol

  2. Carol -
    Do a search on this blog (upper left hand corner) for "Cauliflower rice" and you should come up with a video and Shepherds Pie recipe (scroll down on that page) that gives instructions to basic cauliflower rice. Just add desired amount of curry to cauliflower during the sautee. Easy!
    If you have any problems, let me know and I'll email you the recipe.