Sunday, February 7, 2010

Caveman Diet on KSL Monday night @ 10pm

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  1. dont see your email but here's a few questions. in the paleo food list from max muscle heather it says to avoid bacon, sweet potato, and deli meat for example and im seeing recipes here and in the link at side with all these things. so im still unclear as what is allowed and whats not. also, i saw a post about 50g carbs (good i assume) and 1g protien for every pound Nate that an across the board thing?

  2. Banu,
    Some of these answers are varied, due to the fact that you may be asking in regards the the Paleo challenge that's coming up.
    Ask Damon about specifics regarding the challenge, but I will give you general answers to your questions. Please feel free to contact me (contact info on right hand side) for more detailed info.

    I eat nitrate/preservative free bacon. I see no problem with that in regards to Paleo.

    Sweet potatoes will probably not be allowed for the challenge (again, check with Damon), but are an excellent source of post-metcon-wod recovery fuel for an athlete, especially an endurance athlete.
    Recipes here are geared for athletes and non-athletes that are eating Paleo.

    Deli meat is a decent source of protein that is convenient and accessible. However, it is highly processed, can have added sugar and other unhealthy preservatives. This is the reason I shop Whole Foods - deli meat is organic and nitrate free!

    Nutrition is never "an across the board thing". Everyone's body is different and may or may not require different fuel and/or fuel amounts! I would certainly not eat the same portions of nutrients as another random athlete - I eat what MY body requires.

    Hope this is helpful. Feel free to contact me with further questions.