Saturday, November 21, 2009

Roasted Turnip & Rutabaga w/ Apple and Mushroom Stuffing

2 turnips peeled and cut into 1" pieces
2 rutabaga peeled and cut into 1" pieces
a few whole garlic cloves, unpeeled
half of an onion roughly chopped
several sprigs of fresh rosemary
olive oil
salt, pepper
1 medium onion, chopped

1 portabella mushroom OR 8 crimini mushrooms, chopped
1 peeled apple, chopped in small pieces
poultry seasonings (with sage etc.)
fresh rosemary sprigs
fresh basil leaves, julienned, to taste

Heat oven to 450 f and place your turnip and rutabaga cubes in roasting dish or cookie sheet with a few garlic cloves, chopped onion, and fresh rosemary. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast for about 20 minutes and reserve, discarding the rosemary and removing the (still unpeeled) garlic cloves. Keep at least two of the roasted garlic cloves for usage in the recipe later.
Add some olive oil (less than 1 tbsp.) to a dutch oven or cast iron pan on medium or medium high heat and saute onion until it begins to turn transparent. Toss in mushroom pieces in a single layer, moving onions aside so mushrooms are in direct contact with the pan. Season with salt and pepper. Sear mushrooms until golden brown and then turn. When the mushrooms are browned on both sides, you may wish to remove most of the onions and all of the mushrooms from the pan for optimal browning of the apples. If desired, add a touch more olive oil (1 tsp or so) to the pan and heat. Throw in your apple chunks and season with poultry seasoning. Let them brown to taste, turning a few times. Then add your mushrooms, onions, and roasted turnip and rutabaga to the pan with the apple pieces. Add extra seasonings and more fresh rosemary. You may wish to add the contents of 2+ of the roasted garlic from the veggie roast, but make sure to evenly distribute the contents throughout the dish. Cook for a few more minutes to let the flavors mingle. Then take off the burner and sprinkle with basil, folding into the dish.


  1. Looking for the ingredients of this recipe would be like a field trip for me at the grocery store, what FUN! Maria, I'd love to try a taste of this if you ever make it again, I might be the only one eating it at home. Just save a bite for me. :)

  2. The post above was me, Vina. Sorry, I'm still trying to figure out this blog thing.

  3. Ha-ha, Vina! I'll try to remember to save you a bite the next time I make it!