Friday, April 3, 2009

Dinner for Breakfast?

"Beef? You eat beef for breakfast?? That's dinner, not breakfast!"
This is the response I got when asked what I had for breakfast that morning (which, btw, consisted of a 3 oz. smoked beef patty, leftover roasted broccoli, half an orange and a handful of nuts). It just so happens that I decided to have some leftovers from dinner for...well....breakfast!
I'm sure this person left thinking I was a bit odd and probably headed out to grab a "normal" breakfast that consists of a sugar and cream-ladened latte with a muffin to go.

It might require you to step outside the box and re-think the roles of foods and how they are allocated to certain meals or certain times of the day.

Begin by thinking of an alternative for breakfast to include, perhaps, some leftovers you have in the fridge that may otherwise go uneaten. Pick some veggies (leftover broccoli or greens?), add some grilled chicken that was leftover, some fruit and walnuts and you have a breakfast that will give you incredible amount of energy that a bowl of cereal or a muffin/pastry could never give you.

Write down a list of foods that you think are appropriate only for certain meals and try mixing and matching foods to different meals. You may begin to realize that the energy levels you have gained may make you decide to have dinner for.....well.....breakfast!

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